Environment Health & Safety

Environment Health & Safety Workshop

The fundamental purpose of the EHS is to eliminate the incidence of work related injuries, diseases, fatalities, disaster and loss of national assets and ensuring achievement of a high level of safety, health and environment at workplace.

Course Description:

17The increasing use of chemicals, exposure to physical, chemical, biological agents with hazard potential unknown to people; the indiscriminate use of agro-chemicals; effects of computer controlled technologies and alarming influence of stress at work pose serious Safety, Health & Environmental Risks.

  • Improved coverage of work related injuries, diseases and provide a database for facilitating better performance & monitoring.
  • Continuous reduction in the work related injuries, diseases and loss of assets.
  • Continuous enhancement of community awareness regarding safety, Health & environment at work.
  • Improving Safety, Health and Environment at Workplace.

Teaching Methodology:

  •  Lectures&Demonstrations
  • Hands-on practice
  • Training videos & Powerpoint presentation

Who Should Attend:

Office Associates and support staff, factoryworkers, hotel employees, security personnel.

Duration:4 Hours