Disaster Management


fffffIndia is vulnerable in varying degrees to a large number of natural as well as man-made disasters. As stated in the National Policy on Disaster Management 2009 in India, 58.6 per cent of the landmass is prone to earthquakes of moderate to very high intensity over 40 million hectares  is prone to floods and river erosion of the 7,516 kms long coastline, close to 5,700 kms is prone to cyclones and tsunami 68 per cent of the cultivable area is vulnerable to drought and hilly areas are at risk from land slides and avalanches. Vulnerability to man made disasters and emergencies. Heightened vulnerabilities to disaster risk can be related to expanding population, environmental degradation, unplanned urbanization, industrialization etc. with in high-risk zones. To handle the situation training and development is the most important way to mitigate and save many lives.